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Create Youth-Net conference

Youth join forces to end forced marriage and FGM

Youth from United Kingdom, Portugal, Ireland and The Netherlands have joined forces to end violence against women and put a stop to harmful traditional practices such as FGM and forced marriage.

In November 2013, the first conference was held in London as part of the CREATE YouthNet project which is funded by the Daphne Programme. CREATE Youth-Net is a project that aims to safeguard young people from harmful practices in particular female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced marriage through empowering young people to be confident advocates for change and peer mentors within their communities, and improve collaboration at European level.

During the conference the Youth Advocates were trained to have the skills and capacity to campaign against harmful practices such as FGM and forced marriage and exchange knowledge and good practices from the different countries. The group of young people, that attended the conference, were trained to act as Lead Youth Advocates and engage other young people in the fight against FGM and Forced Marriage. During these training sessions the lead youth advocates received training on communication, event planning, team dynamics and facilitation and social media.

The second conference took place May 2014 in Amsterdam, where the Youth Advocates received further training, discussed their work so far and established an action plan for each country.

Additional trainings were given on event planning, how to facilitate a session and social media. Furthermore they shared their experiences with the campaign so far in a troubleshooting session. During the troubleshooting session, they talked about good practices and exchanged tips and tricks each from their expertise.

With even more motivation and inspiration all Youth Advocates left Amsterdam to continue their campaign against Forced Marriage and FGM.

January 2015 the Youth Advocates will come together for the final conference in London to evaluate the campaign, to finalize the project and discuss the possibilities for the future in their journey to end Forced Marriage and FGM.