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APF – Family Planning Association is the oldest Portuguese NGO that works on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). APF, as a field organisation, tries to identify needs and provides an adequate response and support for vulnerable populations (children, women, migrants, minorities, etc.) about their human rights specifically the ones related to sexual and reproductive health rights. We work in a scope of non-discrimination and equality for all and our range of intervention is both national and international including in cooperation for development with countries in development. APF has been working on FGM in Portugal since 2000. Our work includes:

  • Advocacy with Members of National Parliament (MPs) and Members of European Parliament (MEPs) on FGM. Our work helped to integrate FGM into the National Plan against Domestic Violence (2003-2006) and in the National Plan for Equality, Citizenship and Gender (2007-2010 – CIG).
  • Developing advocacy and mainstreaming activities on FGM and raising awareness about FGM to health professionals as part of the 2003 UNFPA funded project, “FGM, a reality in the Lusophone World?”
  • Daphne funded programmes, END FGM European Campaign and member of the Portuguese Inter-sectorial Working Group that works the National Action Plan for the elimination of.
  • Informal NGO’s network to work FGM and Forced Marriage at National level
  • Working with communities/community engagement
  • Founding Member of the END FGM European Network

To find out more about APF and the work we do check out our website on: