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FORWARD (Foundation for Women’s Health, Research and Development) is an African women’s led charity dedicated to advancing and safeguarding the health and rights of African girls and women. We do this through: campaign and policy work, public education and training, advice and support, information and research; and community engagement. FORWARD’s Youth Team – Young People Speak Out offers young people the chance to gain skills and help create change in their communities to end FGM. We do this through:

  • Youth Training: We offer skills building workshops and sessions on leadership, FGM, campaigning and gender based violence.
  • Youth Advocates: We supporting young people to organise events, projects and peer education for their communities, peers and their friends.
  • Public Awareness Events and Projects: We organise creative, interactive and inspiring events to raise awareness of FGM including spoken word and music events, photography exhibitions and film screenings.
  • Outreach and Support: We offer emotional support for young women affected by or at risk of FGM, as well as supporting them to access specialised medical support.
  • School Awareness Project: we deliver FGM awareness sessions to schools, colleges, universities, and youth centres.
  • Youth Friendly FGM Resources: We produce resources that get the about FGM to young people in a way that is creative, fun, engaging and easy to understand.
  • Research: Conducting research about young people’s experiences, knowledge and attitudes of FGM.

To get involved with FORWARD’s youth team or to find out more about any of our work contact us on:

To find out more about FORWARD and the work we do check out our website on: