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The Federation of Somali Association Netherlands (FSAN) is a platform and non-profit organization established in 1994. FSAN primarily looks after the interest and wellbeing of Somalis. We focus on FGM and other related gender-based violence. FSAN works with national organizations and European partners. 56 local organizations at regional and district level are members of FSAN. FSAN seeks to improve collaboration between the local Somali minority organizations and identifies problems in the Somali community that transcend the local level. FSAN then tries to influence these issues through lobbying and national projects and activities.

Our goal is to facilitate the participation of Somalis in Dutch society as well as strengthening the position of Somali diaspora in the Netherlands. In addition, we also support sustainable initiatives of the Somali diaspora in their attempt to engage with peace building and general development of Somalia.

One of the main programs of FSAN is working to eliminate FGM with African community based organizations, key figures in the Netherlands and Dutch professional institutions. FSAN considers FGM as gender-related violence and as a violation of women’s rights as well as the rights of young girls. Our mission therefore is the eradication of all forms of FGM.

In order to stimulate youth engagement in the activities on FGM, FSAN created the Agents of Change in 2007. The Agents are a group of young African men and women between the ages 16 and 30 years, from six African countries where FGM is practiced. They carried out home visits and participated in different national and international conferences. The Agents of Change also give information meetings to peers in the refugee camps.

To find out more about FSAN and the work we do check out our website on: