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‘I Carry the Name of my Parents’: Young People’s Reflections on FGM and Forced Marriage

- which researches young people’s views and experiences of Female Genital Mutilation and Forced Marriage

Information Services and Support Guide

- This is a youth friendly resource which provides information about FGM as well as signposting to support and services that pupils and their teachers can access regarding FGM in the UK.

FGM Frequently Asked Questions

- This is a youth friendly resource that provides responses to both frequently asked as well as more difficult or controversial questions about FGM.

16 ways to Help End FGM

- Everyone can help to make FGM history – including you! This is a book with 16 things that anyone can do to help end FGM; from telling a friend about FGM to making a film.

“Say No to Excision”

- Leaflet edited and published by CIG in 2012, was made as a resource for dissemination mainly in health units and NGOs in specific areas with more incidence of practising communities (to inform, Educate and Communicate). It has information about what the practice is and prevention measures for girls and women at-risk, the consequences for physical and psychological health and information about the organisations, sites and helplines that can be contacted for support. “Say No to Excision” – Creole version